Iran Oil Show 2018 - 23rd INTERNATIONAL OIL & GAS and Petrochemical Exhibition, Iran, Tehran


23rd INTERNATIONAL OIL & GAS and Petrochemical Exhibition, Iran, Tehran

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“Negus Expo” Company invites you to take part in the 23rd Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition IRAN OIL SHOW 2018 which is to take place 6 - 9 May 2018 in Tehran (Iran).


Iranian petrochemical annual exhibition has official support of Iran Ministry of Petroleum. At the opening ceremony First Vice-President Parviz Daudi, Iran oil Minister Golyamhossein Nouzari, Iran Oil top management representatives, and biggest Iranian and foreign oil companies’ executives – exhibitors, were present. Iran now is an important trade partner of Russia in the Middle East. Russian export considerably exceeds import from Iran. For the last two years the average turnover between the two countries amounts to 800 million US dollars, with 95% of Russian export.

Russia is involved into various projects in Iran, including the oil and gas sphere, scientific and technical cooperation. So the turnover may go up with proper application of the two countries’ potential. With the favourable political and economic situation in Iran, and with Iran’s ambition to become N1 country in the Middle East Region in exploration, production and processing of natural resources (now in Iran’s possession there are 130 billion oil barrels, which makes 13% of world resources) one can be sure that Iran market today gives a good opportunity to make and develop joint projects with Russian enterprises.
Exhibition Themes:

Primary sections:

• manufacturing technology
• oil production and processing equipment, geophysical equipment
• gas production and processing equipment
• fire-fighting equipment
• storage
• heat-exchangers
• waste treatment and recycling
• produced water conditioning
• sound absorption systems
• soil pollution monitoring equipment, and other

In IRAN OIL SHOW 2017 1200 companies from Iran and 880 companies from 35 foreign countries took part, including USA, Great Britain, Japan, China, Australia, Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. The exposition was divided into 10 sectors, including two important sectors “Environmental Protection” and “Rational Oil and Oil Products Use”. Besides, specially fir the exhibition Iran Ministry of Petroleum organised the exposition on history of oil industry development in Iran after the Islamic Revolution victory, including the Irani-Iraqi war period.


Welcome to Iran Oil Show 2018 “The 23nd Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition”.




Moscow and Tehran relations are based upon the Treaty on the basis of interrelations and principles of cooperation between Russian Federation and Islamic Republic of Iran, which was signed on March 12 in 2001. Cooperation with IRI is of multi-aspect character: Russia and Iran carry on an active political dialogue, develop trade and economic, military and technical and cultural relations. For the last years interregional contacts between the two countries have become more active. Iran is an important trade partner of Russia in the Middle East. Iran is a state with a considerable economic potential, capacious market for Russian products. From 2004 Russia-Iran turnover has persistently exceeded 2 billion US dollars, and Russian export to IRI makes 90% of the trade. According to the results of 2007 a considerable increase in turnover was made. The total Russia-Iran trading volume amounted to 3,3 billion US dollars, 2,9 billion of which belong to the Russian export.